Scott Drake

Scott Drake began building parts over 40 years ago and has served as the president of the Drake Automotive companies since its inception. Offering over 9,000 quality automotive products, Drake Automotive Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of reproduction parts for classic Ford Mustangs as well as late model Off Road and American muscle cars. The company is currently headquartered inside an 86,000 square feet production facility in Henderson, Nv. 

Born in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Drake moved with his family to Southern California at age 5, placing him at the epicenter of America’s growing passion for hot rodding. Drake’s affinity with custom reproduction parts began when accompanying his father, who owned a paint and body business that specialized in restoring 1930 Fords, to area swap meets to buy and sell used Model A parts. 

His first car, a 1965 Mustang fastback, made its way to every swap meet from Portland, Oregon to Pate, Texas, and back to the West Coast. Within those journeys, Scott quickly realized that pounding the pavement in search for parts and turning around and selling them was much harder than manufacturing them.  

Drake’s professional parts career began his senior year of high school when he created a custom trunk seal for his drafting teacher’s 1965 Mustang 6-cylinder coupe. Following the customary wet-down to gauge the effectiveness of his product, Drake was in business with 1000 feet of trunk seal. Seals are still an important part of the business, which he now extrudes in excess of 10 miles at a time. 

Following a stint with his brother’s Ford parts business in Oregon, Drake and his wife, Suzanne, returned to California in 1990 and began building ‘64 to ’73 Mustang parts full time at a 5,000 square feet building in Camarillo, Calif. With his products gaining popularity, his next move was to a 30,000 square feet facility in Oxnard, Calif., in 1999. Drake purchased the Henderson building in 2005. 

Drake’s commitment and enthusiasm for the automotive parts industry has grown along with his production facilities. He promises to make the highest quality parts possible and offers a satisfaction guarantee to back up his commitment. He believes that trust, along with fair prices and first-class customer service, keeps his team “Driven Beyond Perfection.”

  Keith Belair

Chief Executive Officer

Keith Belair serves as CEO of Drake Automotive Group. With a strong financial background, Keith has developed an impressive skillset in driving brand equity through new product development and quality, overseeing international sourcing and logistics, and developing customer growth.
Prior to joining Drake in late 2016, Keith spent 8 years with Shelby American, Inc., a subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International, where he served as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. During his time at Shelby, Keith oversaw a facility relocation and the acquisition of a key business unit while driving results in key financial milestones and double-digit growth. Prior to Shelby, Keith spent 20 years in various roles for financial investment firms including CFO of a private equity firm, portfolio manager of a venture capital group and trader. Keith has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a bachelor degree in Finance from University of Colorado. He also speaks fluent Japanese.
Fun Fact In fiscal 2016, Keith completed the entire Tri-Fecta Spartan Endurance Race Series with his wife Lisa. In 2017, Keith retired from ALL endurance racing.

  Gary Schechner

VP Sales & Marketing

Gary’s leadership of Drake’s Sales & Marketing teams draws on over 25 years of executing and leading sales & marketing programs across a variety of B2B and B2C industries from start-ups to Fortune 50 brands. In each opportunity, he was an agent-of-change in helping to lead that organization’s marketing activities into new realms including digital, mobile and social media, as well as bringing breakthrough creative in all forms of media.

Prior to joining Drake, he worked for Keith Belair at Shelby American where he ran Sales & Marketing and overhauled their go-to-market strategy and launched 7 new vehicles inside of a year. 

Gary has an MBA in Marketing from the University of Southern California (Fight On!) and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing/Advertising from Arizona State University.

Fun Fact  Gary’s raced the Ironman Triathlon three times and is an amateur motorcycle racer.






Paul Kerner 

Brand Manager, Classic

With 35 years of hands-on Mustang experience and nearly 30 years with Drake Automotive Group, Paul Kerner brings a holistic approach to the development and manufacturing of key products and services for the company’s classic generation of Ford Mustang, Bronco and Falcon parts, along with the line of Legendary Wheels. 

As Brand Manager of the Classic Mustang line, Paul plays a key role in working with Drake’s R&D Department developing new products, sourcing, product improvements and technical support for all departments.

Fun Fact 
A lifelong Mustang enthusiast, Paul purchased his first Mustang at the age of 13: a ‘65 GT 4-speed convertible (which is still in the family!) Since that first purchase, Paul has always owned more than one Mustang and currently has over 50 classic Mustangs and Shelby’s. 

Robert DeGutes

Research and Development Manager

Robert has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. During the past 25 years Robert has gained extensive experience as a General Manager, Senior Manager Project and Design engineering, Project engineer and Design engineer.   Robert also served 6 years in the United States Marine Corps and is a Desert Storm Veteran. 

Fun Fact  Robert has two children who are also automotive enthusiasts.  Robert and his son restored a ‘71 C10 pick-up for his first vehicle and recently finished a father/daughter project on his daughters ’74 Pontiac Ventura.



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