15 x 7 Legendary GT9 Alloy Wheel, 5 on 4.5 BP, 4.25 BS, Gloss Black / Machined

Part # LW69-50754A
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This rim was inspired by the factory Shelby rim used on the infamous 1969-70 GT350 and GT500’s. It was and still is a sexy combination of the original Torque Thrust and the iconic Magnum 500. Choose from three Legendary Wheel versions: - natural spokes as seen on original Shelbys - charcoal spokes for a nice contrast that would complement any car - black spokes resemble the Magnum 500 at-a-glance, but upon closer inspection reveals a unique spoke design that will set your car apart. All versions feature a gloss clear coat for protection. Although most of our optional hubcaps will fit these rims, if you are not ordering the original Shelby Hubcap [P/N: LW-HC025] then you must order our Hubcap Adapter Kit [P/N: LW-HC69A]

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