15 x 7 Styled Alloy Wheel, 5 on 4.5 BP, 4.25 BS, Charcoal / Machined

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1964-1973 Ford Mustang
1967-1968 Mercury Cougar
1966-1967 Ford Fairlane
1965-1966 Ford Falcon

Inspired by the timeless classic look of the original styled steel wheel - this fresh cast aluminum design establishes the new

standard of classic Mustang styling. With strong 5 spoke styling, precision machined details and a deep

stepped lip - the new Styled Alloy wheel will compliment the look of your car and turn heads on the street.

Finish the look of your dream car with one of 11 different die-cast center cap designs. Center caps and lug nuts sold separately.

Make Model SubModel Year
Ford Fairlane n/a 1966
Ford Fairlane n/a 1967
Ford Fairlane 1966
Ford Fairlane 1967
Ford Falcon n/a 1965
Ford Falcon n/a 1966
Ford Falcon 1965
Ford Falcon 1966
Ford Mustang n/a 1964
Ford Mustang n/a 1965
Ford Mustang n/a 1966
Ford Mustang n/a 1967
Ford Mustang n/a 1968
Ford Mustang n/a 1969
Ford Mustang n/a 1970
Ford Mustang n/a 1971
Ford Mustang n/a 1972
Ford Mustang n/a 1973
Ford Mustang 1964
Ford Mustang 1965
Ford Mustang 1966
Ford Mustang 1967
Ford Mustang 1968
Ford Mustang 1969
Ford Mustang 1970
Ford Mustang 1971
Ford Mustang 1972
Ford Mustang 1973
Mercury Cougar n/a 1967
Mercury Cougar n/a 1968
Mercury Cougar 1967
Mercury Cougar 1968

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