2015-19 Mustang Lower Quarter Panel Side Scoops

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2015-2019 Ford Mustang

Are you looking to enhance the lines of your 2015-19 Mustang while keeping its sleek appearance? These stylish Lower Quarter Panel Scoops are just the ticket. Designed using OEM CAD Data and 3D scanning technology to perfectly contour the Mustang’s body, these scoops don’t stick out or look bulky and are a perfect way to add modern aerodynamic styling that hearkens back to previous generations of Mustang. These scoops are made in the USA from high-quality polyurethane and mount in minutes via double-sided tape. Sold in a satin black finish, these pieces can be painted to match your ride or mounted as-is. Want to double-down on your side scoop game? Be sure to check out our Upper Quarter Window Scoops, JR3B-63424B64-AA, as well!

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Ford Mustang n/a 2015
Ford Mustang n/a 2016
Ford Mustang n/a 2017
Ford Mustang n/a 2018
Ford Mustang n/a 2019
Ford Mustang 2015
Ford Mustang 2016
Ford Mustang 2017
Ford Mustang 2018
Ford Mustang 2019

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