5 3/4" High/Low Beam Round Halogen Sealed Beam Headlamp

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1964-1973 Ford Mustang

  • BRIGTHEN YOUR HEADLIGHTS with Halogen technology, providing more than double the lighting power of original tungsten bulbs for improved safety

  • AUTHENTIC FORD MARKINGS with the officially Ford licensed reverse raised FoMoCo script, a more attractive and visible presentation compared to etched-on letters

  • FEATURING A DUAL FILAMENT BULB with a 50 watt low beam and 55 watt high beam bulb all in a round, glass-protected Head Lamp

  • EASY INSTALL that can be done in your own garage thanks to the included original wiring, for brighter, whiter lighting ahead

  • FITS 1964-1973 FORD MUSTANGS and all Fords with a 5-3/4" sealed light

Officially licensed by Ford, Scott Drakes 5 3/4? Round High/Low Halogen Sealed Beam Headlamps feature authentic Ford markings and upgraded Halogen performance. This is a reproduction of a very desirable and rare version headlamp used on most classic Fords in late 1950?s and 1960?s. We took NOS new original Ford bulbs and duplicated them in appearance while improving them with Halogen lighting technology. Halogen headlamps produce more than double the lighting power of original Tungsten bulbs. Perfect for drivers or trailer queens, a great safety improvement while maintaining an original look. Over the years Ford offered two FoMoCo script versions: one sand blasted etched logo, and the other a prominent reverse raised FoMoCo logo about 7/8? wide. We chose to reproduce the rare, highly sought reverse raised logo version, which is more attractive and easier to read. Featuring a dual filament bulb with a 50 watt low beam and a 55 watt high beam. Fits most Fords and Mercury?s including: 1969 Mustang; 1962-70 Fairlane; 1960-70 full-size Ford; 1967-71 Ranchero; 1958-66 Thunderbird; 1968-71 Torino; 1960-69 Comet; 1967-70 Cougar; 1964-71 Cyclone; 1960-70 full-size Mercury.

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Ford Mustang 1964
Ford Mustang 1965
Ford Mustang 1966
Ford Mustang 1967
Ford Mustang 1968
Ford Mustang 1969
Ford Mustang 1970
Ford Mustang 1971
Ford Mustang 1972
Ford Mustang 1973

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