1964-66 Mustang Heavy-duty Strut Rod Bushing Kit

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1964-1966 Ford Mustang

These premium bushings are made from a synthetic elastomer that provides very similar handling performance and longevity when compared to polyurethane but without the squeaking. This modern material is firmer than OEM rubber but has a slightly softer durometer than traditional polyurethane which will improve overall ride quality by eliminating some of the harshness associated with polyurethane. A great balance that allows you to get comfort and performance at the same time. Concours correct washers and unique 9/16” x 18 locking nuts are included.

Make Model SubModel Year
Ford Mustang n/a 1964
Ford Mustang n/a 1965
Ford Mustang n/a 1966
Ford Mustang 1964
Ford Mustang 1965
Ford Mustang 1966

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