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Original spindles were obsoleted long ago by Ford and have become increasingly expensive and extremely difficult to find good useable ones after 50 plus years. Scott Drake has reproduced them and taken them 1 step further by designing them to use larger and stronger bearings and tie rods that were first used in the Boss 302 Mustangs to handle the extreme abuse of Trans Am Racing. Our Engineering team started with a set of used, but excellent condition Ford originals, to create 3D scans which were then used for CAD modeling and then double checked against original Ford blueprints. No corners were cut on this critical component – they were constructed from FORGED ASTM 5140 grade steel, then we applied a protective, black e-coating and then all mounting surfaces were precision machined. We took special care to ensure bearing tolerances were identical to Ford’s. For an extra measure of safety and durability, the entire spindle is heat treated and the bearing surface is treated with additional induction hardening. All Drake spindles are then 100% Magnetic Particle Tested as well. Please note these Spindles also utilize stronger Outer Tie Rods, so your original outer Tie Rods will not fit. Use part number D1ZZ-3A130-AR for all applications except 1965-66 Power Steering Cars must use C5ZZ-3A130-SPEC for the LH Side. Disc Brake Kits designed for 1965-69 Mustangs and Cougars will not work with these spindles as they are designed to be used with original smaller bearings. Order our new Big Bearing Performance Disc Brake Kit part number DBC-A120-BB-DS. If you wish to retain your original Rotors you must buy Inner and Outer Bearings D0ZZ-1201-A and D0ZZ-1216-A.

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