1964-73 Standard 4-Leaf Springs – Black

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These premium springs are made using high-quality spring steel to assure a smooth and stable ride that will last for years. They will also help lift that sagging rear end. Ford originally listed 24 different springs for the Mustang between 1964-1973, varying only slightly in ride height and firmness across various body styles based on options, engine sizes, handling options, and transmissions. This spring was chosen as the most universal option and should meet most stock replacement customers’ needs. This spring may raise car above original stock height depending on total weight of vehicle, particularly early model 6-cylinder cars. Features the correct “hot cupped” ends, anti-squeak pads, pre-installed front eye bushing, and OEM 4-leaf design. These springs are painted black and offer an economical alternative to our best-selling concours C5ZZ-5560 Leaf Springs.

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