1965-68 Mustang Black Concours Windlace

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1965-1968 Ford Mustang
1965-1968 Ford Mustang
1965-1968 Ford Mustang

New by Scott Drake, an exact copy of previously unavailable Windlace used by Ford in the mid to late 1960's. Only available in black, this PVC Windlace snaps in with ease and features the commonly known "Weave" pattern. Please note Ford used a couple different suppliers of Windlace and their patterns were not identical. Our research found Windlace varied year to year and possibly even month to month depending on vendor supply issues. We also found variances between assembly plants. Please check your original Windlace to make sure this is right for you. Sold by the foot, Fastbacks and Coupes require 16 feet and Convertibles only require 10 feet. For cars that have the Sierra Grain patterned Windlace we have a reproduction that is very similar in appearance and is available under part # C5ZZ-6502906-BK.

Make Model SubModel Year
Ford Mustang n/a 1965
Ford Mustang n/a 1966
Ford Mustang n/a 1967
Ford Mustang n/a 1968
Ford Mustang 1965
Ford Mustang 1966
Ford Mustang 1967
Ford Mustang 1968

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