1968-77 Bronco Billet Dash Knob & Bezel Master Kit

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1966-1977 Ford Bronco

Add some custom and rugged styling to your Bronco's interior with Drake Off Roads, 1968-77 Bronco Billet Dash Knob & Bezel Master Kit. Custom CNC machined billet 6061 aluminum dash knob and bezel kit featuring patented Drake Off Road rubber tire tread pattern grip. Includes: Defrost bezel, knob & cable * fuel bezel * Headlight switch, knob & shaft * heater bezel & knob * ignition bezel * power port bezel & plug * temp bezel, knob & cable * wiper bezel & knob. Depending on Year and Options one of the following 2 Bezels may be required: C8TZ-10840-BL Brake Warning Bezel and/or C8TZ-10852-EBL Emergency Flasher Bezel. This Kit will also fit 66 and 67 Broncos with minor Modifications. 1966 requires using a 1967 Ignition bezel and 1968+ Electric Wipers. 1967 just requires Electric Wipers.


Make Model Year
Ford Bronco n/a 1966
Ford Bronco n/a 1967
Ford Bronco n/a 1968
Ford Bronco n/a 1969
Ford Bronco n/a 1970
Ford Bronco n/a 1971
Ford Bronco n/a 1972
Ford Bronco n/a 1973
Ford Bronco n/a 1974
Ford Bronco n/a 1975
Ford Bronco n/a 1976
Ford Bronco n/a 1977
Ford Bronco 1966
Ford Bronco 1967
Ford Bronco 1968
Ford Bronco 1969
Ford Bronco 1970
Ford Bronco 1971
Ford Bronco 1972
Ford Bronco 1973
Ford Bronco 1974
Ford Bronco 1975
Ford Bronco 1976
Ford Bronco 1977

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