1969-73 Ford Magnum Hub Cap, Black

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1969-1973 Ford Ranchero
1969 Mercury Comet
1971-1973 Mercury Comet
1969-1970 Ford Fairlane
1969-1970 Ford Falcon

New from Scott Drake is our Magnum 500 Hub Cap in black. This beautiful part features a show quality chrome plated zinc die cast hub cap with our very detailed Ford Crest emblem. This “tall” cap is designed to work with Magnum 500 Wheels with 2 1/8th center holes. Great hub cap alternative for other Ford cars using Magnum 500 wheels such as Fairlanes, Comets, Falcons & Ranchero’s.

Make Model SubModel Year
Ford Fairlane n/a 1969
Ford Fairlane n/a 1970
Ford Fairlane 1969
Ford Fairlane 1970
Ford Falcon n/a 1969
Ford Falcon n/a 1970
Ford Falcon 1969
Ford Falcon 1970
Ford Ranchero n/a 1969
Ford Ranchero n/a 1970
Ford Ranchero n/a 1971
Ford Ranchero n/a 1972
Ford Ranchero n/a 1973
Ford Ranchero 1969
Ford Ranchero 1970
Ford Ranchero 1971
Ford Ranchero 1972
Ford Ranchero 1973
Mercury Comet n/a 1971
Mercury Comet n/a 1972
Mercury Comet n/a 1973
Mercury Comet 1969
Mercury Comet 1971
Mercury Comet 1972
Mercury Comet 1973

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