1970 Manual Front Disc Brake Conv. Kit - Drilled/Slotted Rotors Manual Trans.

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Upgrade the front drum brakes on your 1970 Ford Mustang or Cougar to more reliable and powerful disc brakes with this premium 4 piston power disc brake conversion kit from Scott Drake. This complete bolt-on system includes everything needed to convert the Mustang or Cougar manual front drum brakes to 4 piston power disc brakes utilizing the original drum brake spindles. There is no cutting, drilling or welding required. Each kit consists of all new components with premium features like drilled and slotted rotors, zinc plated calipers loaded with stainless steel pistons and an adjustable proportioning valve. A new brake booster, dual reservoir master cylinder, manual transmission brake pedal and pre-bent brake lines are also included. Get dependable performance and keep the factory look with a Scott Drake disc brake conversion kit. For 70 Mustangs and Cougars with Manual transmission only. Note: Minimum wheel size: 14" x 7". Fits 1970 Drum Brake Spindles only will not fit original single piston Disc Brake Spindles.

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