1964-73 Mustang Black Magic Insulating Sheets

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This Premium Sound Deadening Insulation was originally developed for Military use in Europe. Extra Thick 2.3 mm construction out performs leading Competitors that uses 1.7mm sheets. This material excels in insulating temperatures both hot and cold, sound proofing, noise dampening and eliminating resonance and vibrations. Very easy to apply self-adhesive 21? x 29? sheets that form to almost any contoured shapes and cuts easily with quality scissors or razor blade. Ideal for Floor Pans, Firewall, Doors, Roof and Trunks. Not affected by water or oil and adhesive it functional between -45c to 100c. This product is used in many high dollar European Cars and high dollar Car Audio installations and a great way to make your old Classic car more comfortable to ride in. Manufacturer is certified ISO 9001 and rated Q1 by Ford. Also available in the 2mm standard Silver Foil 9 sheets per box for a total of 38 Square Feet.


21 Inch
29 Inch