Electric Vacuum Pump - Black

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Most high performance engines do not create enough vacuum assist for power brakes. The Bandit series vacuum pump provides an efficient, quiet & vibration free solution for your brake vacuum assist needs. The vacuum pump used in our kit is a Rotary Vane style pump which is 60% quieter than the noisy Piston Style pumps on the market today. The Bandit series vacuum pump is also 30% more efficient giving you the required vacuum in less time which extends the life of the pump & makes your ride much more enjoyable. Each brake vacuum booster is pre-wired and tested on the assembly line to assure a trouble-free and easy installation. Installation is a breeze with a 2-wire power hookup and base-plate mounting template. The Black Bandit vacuum pumps are concealed in a Patent Pending Black canister. With the Black Bandit you do have the option to remove the pump assembly as one unit from the canister turning it into a Naked Bandit to be mounted in most tight spaces where it will be hidden.

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