Important Safety Recall

This is an important Safety Recall. The remedy will be provided at no charge to you.

Dear Scott Drake Customer:

This notice is sent to you in accordance with the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

Drake Automotive Group has decided that a defect exists in certain 1965-1966 and 1967-1969 Ford Mustang replacement spindles (Lot A18F only) for the following part numbers:

- C5ZZ-3105-R (Ford Mustang V8 – 1965 to 1966)

- C5ZZ-3106-L (Ford Mustang V8 – 1965 to 1966)

- C70Z- 3105-R (Ford Mustang – all vehicles with drums – 1967-1969)

- C70Z-3106-L (Ford Mustang – all vehicles with drums – 1967-1969)

The lot number (A18F) is marked on the backside of the spindle directly above the Scott Drake logo. All lot A18F spindles are included in this recall.

You received this notice because your Scott Drake dealer has informed us that you have purchased one or more of the recalled spindles.

What is the Safety Defect and Safety Hazard? The recalled spindles can break without warning causing the loss of steering for your vehicle, and can result in serious injury or death.

What will Drake Automotive Group Do? We will replace the spindle(s) at no charge to you. The replacement spindles will be marked as from Lot H18F or another lot (not Lot A18F).

What should you do? You should immediately take the following steps:

- Stop using your vehicle until you have replaced the Lot A18F spindle(s)

- Contact your Scott Drake distributor or dealer (or contact Scott Drake directly; see below) to obtain replacement spindle(s)

- The replacement spindle(s) can be installed by a qualified local repair facility, or by you (if you are qualified)

- The recalled Lot A18F spindle(s) should then be returned to Scott Drake. Once we receive the spindle(s):

o You will be reimbursed for the repair facility’s standard labor charges not to exceed three (3) hours for a maximum reimbursement of $165.00 (per spindle); or

o If you replace the spindle(s) yourself, you will receive a check for $165.00 (per spindle).

- To return the recalled Lot18F spindles to Scott Drake and receive your reimbursement payment, you should:

o Complete the reimbursement and return form which will be included in the box with the replacement spindle(s). A pre-paid FedEx return shipment label will also be inside the box with the replacement spindle(s)

o Place the old (recalled) spindles in the same box, along with the completed reimbursement and return form

o Place the return label on the box, and drop it off at your nearest FedEx location

- We will issue a check to you within two (2) weeks of our receipt of the returned spindle(s)

What if I no longer own the vehicle with the Lot A18F spindles? Please contact us immediately with the new vehicle owner’s name, address and other contact information. Also, please forward this notice to the new vehicle owner within ten (10) days.

What if you need further assistance? For additional information you may:

- Download and print the Reimbursement and Return Form

and send a completed copy to:

Drake Automotive Group

Attn: Product Recall

130 Cassia Way

Henderson, NV 89014

- Call Scott Drake at 1-800-999-0289

- Contact your local Scott Drake distributor or dealer

Please contact us immediately if your local Scott Drake distributor or dealer is not able to assist you with this recall. You may also contact the Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY: 1-800-424-9153) or go to if you believe that Scott Drake or your local distributor or dealer have failed or are unable to remedy this defect without charge and within a reasonable amount of time.

Your continued satisfaction with your Scott Drake components is important to us. We have recalled these spindles in the interest of your safety, and to make sure your vehicle performs properly. We apologize for this inconvenience, and ask that you complete the recall procedures as soon as possible.


Drake Automotive Group, Inc.

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