LeMans Style Gas Door Kit

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  • ADD CUSTOM RACECAR STYLING to your Classic with this LeMans style kit found on vintage Shelby Cobra race cars

  • PIT STOP STYLE FUNCTION with trick flip-open design to resemble a quick fuel up at the track

  • SHINY CHROME FINISH provides a show-quality touch to your Mustang

  • FOUR DIFFERENT MOUNTING POSITIONS of your choice for your own custom look

  • BOLT-ON INSTALL FITS 64-66/70-73 MUSTANGS: Fits 64-66 Mustang Tail Lamp Panels, fits 69 Mustangs with modifications to the back side, 71-73 Mustangs require drilling new holes in the gas door

Add a custom race car look to your classic Mustang with a Scott Drake LeMans style gas door kit. This beautiful polished aluminum race style gas door is inspired by the gas caps found on vintage Shelby Cobra race cars. This trick flip-open design functions like the originals used in 1960’s racing for quick refuel “pit stops”. The Scott Drake LeMans style gas door is designed for a simple bolt-on installation on 64-66 and 70-73 Mustangs. The outside diameter of the base is smaller than other similar gas doors at 5.25" to fit on the 64-66 Mustang tail lamp panels. The unique Scott Drake design of the gas door allows installation in four different mounting positions using the factory holes and retains use of the factory fuel filler neck for easy installation. A simple flip of the trigger mechanism pops the door open exposing the twist on gas cap. Gas door has a bright polished finish and includes stainless steel hardware and a twist on gas cap. Note: Will not fit 67-68 cars because of trunk lock clearance. Will fit 1969 cars with modification to the back side so it will fit flush against the tail lamp panel.Twist-on cap is not compatible with 1970 California emissions. 71-73 will requires drilling new holes in gas door as hole pattern does not line up with taillamp panel.

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